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My grandfather, Fiore Chiappetti, came to Chicago from Italy to give his family a better life.  Working hard, he saved $15,000 and then lost it all when his bank defaulted during the Great Depression. Repaid by the bank with a farm, he started raising lamb and other livestock.  To earn extra money, he butchered and sold fresh meat.  Soon, the demand for his meats and butchering skills grew.  Thinking “this is a good business,” he relocated to Halsted Street in the historic Chicago Stockyards.  Eventually, four generations of Chiappettis proudly learned the craft from my Grandfather Fiore. 

We believed in “local” way back then.  While others left the Stockyards, we stayed because we were committed to our customers, our community and our city.  Today, we continue with my grandfather’s tradition to provide your family with the highest-quality lamb and veal, humanely raised by local family farmers, right here in the Midwest.